10 paintings of series Dashawtar

Dimensions 11 18 inch
27.94 45.72 cm
Medium Mix Media, Canvas
ART No ART1645297322
Edition Original Artwork
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 A series of ten paintings of the Dashawtar - the ten primary avatars of the mighty Hindu god Vishnu.

About Manisha Srivastava (b 1962)

Manisha Srivastava’s paintings may be very well described as A Brush with
the Past. With a dabble of color, drop of paint, line of brush, the artist takes
us back to an era where the feelings, the emotions are set forth in a rustic
background. With apt use of colors, the inner feelings are expressed with such
grace and imagination that the purest soul of the artist is being revealed in the
paintings. Having her upbringing in a remote village in Uttar Pradesh, Read More