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Kartick Chandra  Pyne

Kartick Chandra Pyne (b 1931) - (d 2017)

Kartick Chandra Pyne was one of India's first few artists who experimented with the Surrealist school of art. Raw, whimsical and highly playful, his paintings combined observation and imagination: opening a window to a world filled with colourful creatures and characters. Pyne developed a visual language that was completely his own, that borrowed heavily from both Indian Folk art as well as Western Modernist traditions.

The influence of artists like Chagall, Duchamp & Miro can be seen in the fantasy, colour and imagination of Pyne's work

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Nude amongst foliage.
Nude amongst foliage.
Kartick Chandra Pyne - (b 1931) - (d 2017)
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