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Jayashree Chakravarty

Jayashree Chakravarty

Jayashree Chakravarty was born in Tripura in 1956. She completed her Bachelors in Fine Arts from Viswa Bharati in Santiniketan, and then obtained her postgraduate diploma in Fine Arts from MS University of Baroda, where she was exposed to an urban sensibility. She was also an artist in residence at Aix en Provence from 1993-95, where she was influenced in the formative years of her practice by the French movement Supports/Surfaces, especially by Claude Viallat. 

Chakravarty applies herself in articulating the visionary potential of the landscape:where she attends to the relationship between the retinal perception of expanse & an ideal geography of the spirit & the metaphorical possibilities by which the genre of landscape can indicate the counterpoint between sociality & solitude. She seeks resolutions to the polarity between abstraction,tending towards meditative silence & the inwardness of the self & figuration representing loquacity & the presence of others. She has experimented with varying rations of sweeping,gestural,blizzard-like forms to the single figure of group,incarnating the human predicament in a demanding universe.

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