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Rokeya  Sultana

Rokeya Sultana (b 1958)

Rokeya Sultana is one of Bangladesh’s most sought after artists with a true international sensibility. An accomplished & award winning artist,printmaker & professor,Sultana studied at the Institute of Fine Arts,Dhaka & at Vishwa Bharati University,Santiniketan. This was followed by a residency scholarship to L’Atelier Lacouriere et Frelaut,Paris.
Also a Fulbright scholar, Rokeya Sultana’s art is a reflection of loss & displacement & the impermanence in life. She was influenced in her formative years by the tumultuous 1971 revolution. She addresses the issues of womanhood & the power of intuition & imagination that can be a feminine attribute that moves into universal truths. The complexity of motherhood & the mother's struggle in the adverse situation of her urban life found expression in the 'Madonna' series of the early & mid 90's. In recent years she engaged herself in a quest for quietness,depth & lyricism.
Her use of fluid & transparent colours,controlled accidental effects,figures drawn in lines & free floating organic forms reveal her deeper understanding of the bounty of nature & the cycle of human life within it. Through a symbolic personal language she expresses metaphysical perceptions as women in communication with nature,who lead the next generation,becoming the key to the world.

She currently serves as professor,department of printmaking at the Institute of Fine Arts,University of Dhaka,Bangladesh.

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