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Pallav Chander

Pallav Chander (b 1990)

Pallav Chander's art mainly focuses upon bringing out his autobiographical experiences into visual medium, establishing a connection between him and the audience. Having a strong background in theater, his works have a semblance of theatrical movement to them. Diagnosed with dyslexia and Adhd, his art functions as a therapeutic regime as he portrays his subjective observation of society through the imageries in his work. Graduating in Fine Arts from Birmingham City University, UK in 2012, Pallav has exhibited in four solos and numerous group shows. His paintings belong in the collections of Alkazi Foundation, Kiran Nadar Museum, Dhoomimal Collection; and in many private collections in India & abroad.

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Impression of a distorted face
Impression of a distorted face
Pallav Chander - (b 1990)
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