Deepak Yadav (b 1996)

Deepak Kumar Saw (b 1991)

"My recent works are based on hunger. Hunger exist in our society ...

Delroy Fernandes (b 1994)

Dhananjoy Ghosh (b 1976)

Dhaneshwer Saha (b 1979)

Dhiraj Choudhury (b 1936)

Educated at the Govt.College of Art & Craft,Kolkata & the Delhi College ...

Dhiren Sasmal (b 1953)

Dhruti M. Mahajan (b 1981)

  "I believe that “Being in the moment", is the phrase which describes ...

Dileep Sharma (b 1974)

Dilip Chaudhury

Dilip graduated from the Indian College of Art & Draughtsmanship,Kolkata & received ...

Dinkar Jadhav (b 1970)

Painter Dinkar Jadhav has established himself as an artist who dares to ...

Dipankar Ray (b 1981)

Diplekha Dey (b 1989)

"Our surrounding incidents, the news and city culture reaches out to me, ...

Diptish Ghosh Dastidar (b 1970)

Born in 1960,Diptish embodies vision and value through his works. He portrays ...


"My compositions are derived from my observations and experiences in everyday life and ...

Divya Pandey

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