David Malakar (b 1992)

Debabrata Chakraborty (b 1935)


Debashis Chakraborty

Debashis Kabasi (b 1965)

Debashis Chakraborty (b 1962)

Desbashis studied at the Indian College of Art &  Draughtsmanship,Kolkata from where ...

Debasish Manna (b 1972)

Born in 1972 Debasish Manna got his diploma in painting from Indian ...

Debasish Das (b 1970)

Debojyoty Dhara

"Art to me is a language to express my inner self, more ...

Deepak Yadav (b 1996)

Deepak Kumar Saw (b 1991)

"My recent works are based on hunger. Hunger exist in our society ...

Delroy Fernandes (b 1994)

Dhananjoy Ghosh (b 1976)

Dhaneshwer Saha (b 1979)

Dhiraj Choudhury (b 1936)

Educated at the Govt.College of Art & Craft,Kolkata & the Delhi College ...

Dhiren Sasmal (b 1953)

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