Sakti Burman (b 1935)

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About Artist

Sakti Burman was born in 1935 & graduated from the Government College of Art & Craft,Kolkata in 1956 & then studied at École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts. He grew up in what is now Bangladesh, British India. He has lived in France for the last five decades, while maintaining strong ties with India, where he regularly exhibits his works. He is married to French painter Maite Delteil.He draws his inspiration from myriad sources, ranging from the Ajanta caves to the paintings of the Italian Renaissance. He combines imagery from India and Europe, and achieves a fusion of Indian patterns with colour preferences inherited from the fin-de-siecle Nabis and Fauves.His paintings evoke the dreamlike look of a time-encrusted fresco, while his sculptural works act as three-dimensional translations of his paintings.Burman has exhibited widely in India, Paris and the rest of the world. Burman was awarded the Medaille d’Argent au Salon de Montmorency & the Prix des Etrangers, École des Beaux-Arts, Paris in 1956. He lives and works in Paris.

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