Chittrovanu Majumdar (b 1956)

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About Artist

Chittrovanu Majumdar, was born in Paris in 1956 to Nirode Majumdar,India's first modern & avant-garde artist & his French Wife Marguerite. Along with his father & aunt Shanu Lahiri,Chittrovanu grew up hearing stories of the time his father & aunt studied in Paris & of their close friends which included Picasso,Braque,Giacometti,Brancusi,Modigliani amongst others. 
He studied at the Government College of Art & Craft,Kolkata & then at École des Beaux-Arts where he studied painting & printmaking. His work operates on fracture & pulls from varied sources & influences,be it visual,musical or lyrical. His raw,almost expressionistic canvasses create a powerful emotional response that linger on for a long time & stays with a viewer. Commanding sky rocketing prices at Christie's,Sotheby's & Saffronart,he remains one of the most powerful & dynamic artists of his generation.Major exhibitions of his work have been presented in Dubai, Kolkata, London, Mumbai, New Delhi, New York, Palo Alto, Paris, Rome, Singapore and Salzburg, among other places. Mazumdar's paintings are sometimes created on very large canvases and the visual elements are often constructed in layers, creating the effect of being visible and shrouded at the same time. Fragmented images, collaged text and pictures, mythical iconography, abstracted and literal figuration are all built on top of each other, crowding together, yet appearing to be on separate planes of “translucent and opaque paint.”


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