Anita Roy Chowdhury (b 1938)

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Anita Roy Chowdhury was born into a distinguished family of elites. As a child she had shown her preference for art. She was a highly imaginative & surprisingly innovative child. After finishing school,she joined the Government College of Art & Craft,Calcutta.In class,she was fortunate to have Dhiraj Choudhury,Sunil Das,Jogen Chowdhury & Shyamasree Basu as her classmates who would become important artists of the 60's. In college she was under Satyen Ghosal. Gopal Ghosh was her teacher in second year,who was very liberal to allow Anita to use colors freely. He may be called the pioneer to Anita in using watercolours. She joined the Society of Contemporary Artists in 1959 & the group arranged her first solo exhibition in 1962. Since 1969 she became a member of 'Calcutta Painters' & participated in group shows & solo exhibitions in most metropolitan cities in India & abroad. Some of them being AIFACS,New Delhi in 1963;Academy of Fine Arts,Calcutta in 1964;Jehangir Art Gallery,Bombay in 1966;Sarala Art Centre,Madras in 1969 amongst others.