Pranjit Sarma (b 1994)

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About Artist

"My works are a metaphoric, representation of the social-political chaos of Northeast Indian states realized visually. I tend to portray the superfluous power structure and its effects through the symbolic presentation on the issues related to the innocent inhabitants/ tribes of my land, who have not received judicial proclaim to their problems. Therefore, my works speak loudly about the sufferings of the people tribes from the hegemonic political discourses intending to recover their muted voices.  

       As an artist, on one hand I tend to follow documentary approach and psycho analytical on the other, not to reform the subjects, but to capture it through printing medium. My works dwell between the question between various perspectives of the society I belong to and my acceptance on this social perception. These issues are deeply rooted in my psyche which in a way helps me in the process of understanding myself, as the situation of my soil is undergoing through visual imagination.  As brought up by a strong mother, I am so much aware of the emotional, mental stages of the childbirth, nourishment and attachment. But at the same time I am also intertwined by the patriarchy of the society we live in. The gender biasness and equality play a dominant role in few of my works to pay homage and gratitude to motherhood which has been overshadowed by patriarchy sometimes."

Prabjit Sarma