Featured Artist - Debasish Manna

Debasish Manna

Born in 1972 Debasish Manna got his diploma in painting from Indian College of Arts and Draftmanship, Kolkata in 1996. His first solo exibition organized by 'Shapes and Forms' was held in Genesis Art Gallery, Kolkata in 2004. Second solo was organized by Gallery,Rasa, Kolkata in 2007. He has attended several workshops and large number of group shows in different part of the country.

The fragmented space that Debasish Manna creates may be considered as the result of fragmented reality that he confronts around him. Modernity explores reality through fragments. Globalization encourages it to a great extent. Yet through fragments Debasish strives for the inner harmony of life. Extracting beauty out of the darkness is the essence of his creativity.