Featured Artist - Nidhi Bhau

"My art journey and about my work- my journey as an artist were inherent. It was emotive oneness coupled with joy and thrill that helped in manifesting by way of marking with whatever material was readily available (local charcoal, pencil or crayons) to me the act of drawing although was resisted by rest of the family members. Yes -it was due to the creative instant that compelled me to do it time and again.imagination and emotive thrill caused in me wings. That swayed me into flawless excitement of joy. Joy of expression-joy of arrangement -joy of composition. since the core issues related to my works phantom the creative signature of my expressions and instant manuvoring of color scale mix media encourages me to step out of the box to move beyond the concept of simply applying paint to canvas and to experiment with new techniques’ learned that acrylic can be used in conjunction with other media. "

Nidhi Bhau