Featured Artist - Mayank Bakshi

Mayank Bakshi

Mayank Bakshi (b.1995) is a visual artist based out of Kolkata. In his photographs he incorporates surrealism,geometry,contrast & the realities & diversities of human life in a visual representation.

In his oeuvre,landscapes & portraits & other familiar things are rendered well. With time,his perspectives changed & his style evolved to incorporate an imagined imagery portraying village belles & rural romanticism. Today his pursuit is beyond the obvious & sensory. He searches for what is beneath the surface of everyday things,the textures & lines of commonplace objects like rooftops or fabric,the vicissitudes of seas & boats,ancient places of visit like temples & ruins or pure abstractions like memories,aspirations & hope. What is most important about his work is that each picture is unique & has it's own story to tell.