Jogen Chowdhury(b.1939)

Jogen Chowdhury(b.1939)
Chowdhury completed his initial training in art from the Govt.College of Art & Craft,Calcutta. From 1965-67, he studied at École des Beaux Arts & learnt etching at Atelier 17,Paris. He served as Reader & Principal of Kala Bhavan,Viswa Bharati,Shantiniketan.
By coating his images in garb & satire,fleshing out their rotundities with an eye for detailing & traditional delineating techniques,he gives his works a profound sense of solidity & monumentality that seems to belong to another age. There is a certain kind of simplicity to Jogen’s work,a hunt for serenity & the purposeful omission of superfluous distractions in the name of creating images of silent dialogue & the power of the poignant presence.

Amongst his many honours & awards he received the Prix le France de la Jeune Peinture in 1966,The AIFACS Award in 1972, the Kalidas Samman Award & the Shiromani Award.

Untitled-11×7.5 Inch
Mixed Media on Paper.

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