On Truth to Nature.

Most of us take it for granted that Nature is the artist’s best teacher. We expect that pictures should look ‘natural’ & distrust them if they don’t. This is the main reason I feel, why many people do not like modern art;when we see a painting that shows things different from ‘the way they really […]

Looking at Art.

When you look at a work of art you may quickly decide whether you like it or not. But have you wondered why some pictures appeal to you more than others? There is no definitive answer to this question, but if you can understand how & why the artist created the piece,you will appreciate & […]

Shanu Lahiri(1928-2013)

Shanu Lahiri(1928-2013) was one of the most distinguished painters of India. Her elder brother-Nirode Mazumdar was an avant-garde painter of Paris who founded the Calcutta Group. An alumnus of the Govt.College of Art & Craft,she was the first student of the college to receive the President’s Gold Medal roe her contribution to the field of […]


Shuvaprasanna’s(b.1947) aesthetic genre that includes some superb charcoal drawings,etchings & paintings which have as their subject the City of Joy,his abode & playing field since birth. The prolific artist,known for his series including those around the city,it’s people,birds,animals,clocks,wraps & flowers with varied nuances,has also created an extraordinary body of work on much revered icons. Besides […]

Thota Vaikuntam (b.1942)

Thota Vaikuntam (b.1942)is a leading artist. His dark & dusky Telangana women,have become icons much loved & sought after by the connoisseurs,as are his pandits & other village folk,reminiscent of the place he grew in. A beautiful amalgamation of tradition & contemporaneity exists in his oeuvre. His large body of work has been consistent in […]

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