Shanu Lahiri(1928-2013)

Shanu Lahiri(1928-2013) was one of the most distinguished painters of India. Her elder brother-Nirode Mazumdar was an avant-garde painter of Paris who founded the Calcutta Group. An alumnus of the Govt.College of Art & Craft,she was the first student of the college to receive the President’s Gold Medal roe her contribution to the field of […]


Shuvaprasanna’s(b.1947) aesthetic genre that includes some superb charcoal drawings,etchings & paintings which have as their subject the City of Joy,his abode & playing field since birth. The prolific artist,known for his series including those around the city,it’s people,birds,animals,clocks,wraps & flowers with varied nuances,has also created an extraordinary body of work on much revered icons. Besides […]

Thota Vaikuntam (b.1942)

Thota Vaikuntam (b.1942)is a leading artist. His dark & dusky Telangana women,have become icons much loved & sought after by the connoisseurs,as are his pandits & other village folk,reminiscent of the place he grew in. A beautiful amalgamation of tradition & contemporaneity exists in his oeuvre. His large body of work has been consistent in […]

Prokash Karmakar(1933-2014)

Prokash Karmakar(1933-2014) studied art under Nirode Mazumder & the Govt.College of Art & Craft,Calcutta. This was followed by a French Govt.Scholarship to study in Paris. In Paris,he visited the museums & galleries & studied the work of the Old Masters. He was greatly inspired by the Impressionists & the Cubist movement. Best known for his […]

Jogen Chowdhury(b.1939)

Jogen Chowdhury(b.1939) Chowdhury completed his initial training in art from the Govt.College of Art & Craft,Calcutta. From 1965-67, he studied at École des Beaux Arts & learnt etching at Atelier 17,Paris. He served as Reader & Principal of Kala Bhavan,Viswa Bharati,Shantiniketan. By coating his images in garb & satire,fleshing out their rotundities with an eye […]

Suhas Roy(1936-2016)

Suhas Roy(1936-2016) Roy attained his diploma from the Indian College of Art & Draftsmanship. Between 1956-1966,he studied graphic art under the guidance of S.W.Hayter,Atelier 17 & mural art at École Superior des Beaux Art,Paris. Roy acquired unparalleled mastery in drawing before going on to soak the influences of the Shantiniketan school masters like Nandalal Bose […]

Paritosh Sen (1918-2008)

  Paritosh Sen(1918-2008)studied at the Madras Art School under the mentorship of Debiprasad Roy Chowdhury. This was followed by his stay in Paris from 1949-1954,where he studied at Andre Lhote’s School,Academy Grand Chaumier,École des Beaux Arts & at Ecole du Louvre. During his stay in Paris,he had the unique opportunity of meeting Picasso. He regarded […]

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