Prokash Karmakar(1933-2014)

    Prokash Karmakar(1933-2014) studied art under Nirode Mazumder & the Govt.College of Art & Craft,Calcutta. This was followed by a French Govt.Scholarship to study in Paris. In Paris,he visited the museums & galleries & studied the work of the Old Masters. He was greatly inspired by the Impressionists & the Cubist movement.

    Best known for his lush landscapes & nudes,painted with bold lines & intricate textures, Karmakar’s style was an amalgamation of the Post-Impressionist school & the local Kalighat pat tradition. He took to portraying different themes ranging from the predicament of women residing in a repressive society to contemporary social issues.

    Karmakar was a founding member of the Calcutta Group & the Society of Contemporary Artists-both path breaking groups in Indian contemporary art. He was awarded the National Award in 1968& many others including the Abanindra Puraskar,AIFACS New Delhi,

    His works can be found at the National Gallery of Modern Art,the museums of Allahabad,Lucknow & Hyderabad, Bharat Bhavan, Jane & Kito Boer-Dubai, The Birla Academy of Art & Culture,amongst others.

    Landscape-24x30Inch,Acrylic on Canvas,2009.

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