Shuvaprasanna’s(b.1947) aesthetic genre that includes some superb charcoal drawings,etchings & paintings which have as their subject the City of Joy,his abode & playing field since birth. The prolific artist,known for his series including those around the city,it’s people,birds,animals,clocks,wraps & flowers with varied nuances,has also created an extraordinary body of work on much revered icons. Besides portraiture,graphics,drawings,paintings,sculptures & mixed media art,Shuvaprasanna’s repertoire encompasses a large body of varied work-writing,illustrations & designs for book covers & posters.

By the 1990’s his palette & images began to display a free flowing oeuvre. His Still Life imagery adorns a closer-to-reality appearance,tailing their natural flaws & lines,rather than as idyllic paintings. The ‘Illusion’ series,with sexual undertones that feature sensuousness through flowers,radiate the bliss of touch & acceptance. Insects,animals,all meet & mate to carry on with the cycle of life.

He received the AIFACS Award from New Delhi,The State Lalit Kala Akademi Award from West Bengal amongst others. 

His work can be found in the permanent collection of The National Gallery of Modern Art & The Lalit Kala Akademi,New Delhi; Chandigarh Museum; Punjab University; W.H.O Geneva; Glenbarra Art Museum,Japan; Museum of Modern Art,Sitomo amongst others.

Untitled, 25×25

Acrylic on Canvas,2007.

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