Suhas Roy(1936-2016)

Suhas Roy(1936-2016)
Roy attained his diploma from the Indian College of Art & Draftsmanship. Between 1956-1966,he studied graphic art under the guidance of S.W.Hayter,Atelier 17 & mural art at École Superior des Beaux Art,Paris.
Roy acquired unparalleled mastery in drawing before going on to soak the influences of the Shantiniketan school masters like Nandalal Bose & Ramkinkar Baij. He taught at Visva Bharati till he retired in 1996.
Before he received much acclaim for his ‘Radha’ series,he had the honour of his paintings based on Jesus Christ to hang in the Vatican City.He was equally known for a body of work based on crows,landscapes & a series called’Mistress of the Moon.’
Best known for his ‘Radha’ series-hundreds of lifelike faces that are just as full of life as they are of mystery,ranging from sensual to showing a childlike curiosity. He compares Radha in beauty & mystery to the Madonna-the blessed virgin,beautiful & unattainable.
Amongst his many awards,he received the AIFACS Award in 1969 & 1970 & Certificates if Merit from the Govt.of West Bengal & Hoshiarpur.

Radha-Mixed Media on Paper.

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