By Sreyashi Saha (b 1989)
Dimensions 15 40 inch
38.1 101.6 cm
Year 2020
ART No ART1631643694
Edition Original Artwork
Artwork Medium Paper Pulp
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A contemporary artwork by Sreyashi Saha.

About Sreyashi Saha (b 1989)

"I live in Kolkata, my works based on my surroundings, my city.  Usually when I stay in my room , looked outside from my window, I could observe a lot of things ,my place and my objects and my city and also my journey is the inspiration of my works. So I try to make my own vision through my own language. At present I use paper pulp as a medium and I really enjoy it because it have own texture and softness and very flexible to handling, this features really admire me and I Read More