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Rathin Kanji

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Born in 1970, Rathin Kanji graduated in painting with a gold medal from the M.M.K. College of Visual Art of Gulbarga University, Karnataka, in 2000, and completed his post-graduation from Kala Bhavan, Santineketan, in 2002. The artist also received the Fulbright fellowship, and he spent one year as a visiting Research Fellow at the School of Art and Design of the University of Michigan, in 2003.

Kanji believes that we are currently experiencing what is probably the most complex period of human history. According to the artist, in the last two centuries, our progress and evolution in fields like science, industry and government has been more dramatic than in all previous centuries together. Nevertheless, in this same period, we have also experienced the most devastating conflict, genocide, ecological destruction, and poverty. These are the dualistic concerns that Kanji struggles with and attempts to communicate to his viewers through his work. In the artist’s own words, “Each and every day, our urban society is going through a breathless night”.

Rathin Kanji has participated in a number of solo and group shows. Amongst the more recent of these were those hosted by Gallery Sumukha, Bangalore in collaboration with Gallery ArtsIndia, New York, in 2006; Gallery Artworld, Chennai, in 2005; Warren Robins Gallery, Michigan, in 2004; Aurodhan Gallery, Pondicherry, in 2003; and Crimson Gallery, Bangalore, in 2001. In 2001 Kanji received the HK Kejriwal Fellowship from the Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath, Bangalore, and, in 1998, he was awarded a Junior Research Fellowship from the Government of India.

Rathin Kanji lives and works in Calcutta, India.


Wrong Target 36 X 54 Inch

₹ 60,000 /-

Juxtapose 36 X 54 Inch

₹ 60,000 /-


By Rabin Mandal
11 X 9 Inch Acrylic on Paper

₹ 45,000 /-
₹ 10,000 /-
₹ 10,000 /-

Getting Dressed
By Vinayak Pasricha
36 X 24 Inch Acrylic on Canvas

₹ 40,000 /-

By Rabin Mandal
12 X 9 Inch Pen & Ink on Paper

₹ 45,000 /-

By Rabin Mandal
9.5 X 6.5 Inch Acrylic on Paper

₹ 45,000 /-

By Farhad Hussain
60 X 72 Inch Acrylic on Canvas

₹ 200,000 /-

By Chandra Morkonda
30 X 38 Inch Acrylic on Canvas

₹ 110,000 /-


By Sunil Das 15.1 X 11.5 Inch Pen & Ink on Paper