By Sanat Kar (b 1935)
Dimensions 22 16 inch
55.88 40.64 cm
Medium Mix Media, Paper
Year 2006
ART No ART1631043905
Edition Original Artwork
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Sanat Kar is known for his childlike and innocent drawings.

About Sanat Kar (b 1935)

Sanat Kar was born in West Bengal in 1935 and achieved his diploma in painting from The Government College of Art & Craft,Calcutta. A majority of Kar's work is surreal in mood,feeling and content. They have a child-like curiousity where his figures appear in dream-like appearances. As a result, his oeuvre hovers over the edge of reality and his work is symbolic of the mysteries of life to which there are often no answers.

Kar's paintings are silent and his palette ranges Read More