About Artshoppy

Artshoppy is an online platform created to connect buyers and sellers of fine and contemporary art globally. Founder of the platform believes there is a better way to discover and buy/sell original art, and started Artshoppy. World-class entrepreneurs, and art enthusiasts dedicated to making the art-buying/selling experience enjoyable, easy, and affordable for buyer and reasonable for seller. Artshoppy make sure to have huge range of collection of artworks to meet match any style interest and budgets.


Our Mission

Buying original art should be exciting, fun, and incredibly easy. To create largest original art trading platform for the world of art lover at affordable price, Creating a state of the art facility art marketplace for all art seller from upcoming artist to galleries and institutions to sell there beautiful art artworks at fare price to all the art lover of the world. The art we present to you is from hand selected artists and galleries, affordable, and always of the highest quality and with proper authenticity.


You should have the unique & original

You are and your thoughts are unique. You need unique art and affordable art pieces. Each and every work of art on Artshoppy is 100% unique, 100% original & authentic.


Best possible prices guaranteed

Artshoppy represents too many artists and seller from all over the India and world, we are able to charge commission rates to our seller that are far below that of traditional galleries (30-50% or more). The result is that you get art directly from the artist at prices that are never inflated with heavy commissions. You get quality, original art at affordable prices – direct from the sellers.

If you have any questions regarding artshoppy.com, Please Call us on +91 8240573050 or Whats app  to +91 8240573050 or email us to [email protected]rtshoppy.com