Chhering Negi

Chhering Negi (b 1987)

Chhering Negi from Kinnaur, a small and picturesque district in Himachal Pradesh. Complete MFA from Kala Bhavan, Santiniketan 2012. BFA Government college of art Chandigarh 2010. Chhering negi has participated in many exhibitions across India and abroad. Got National award in 2017, AIFACS award in 2016. Junior Fellowship by CCRT 2017-19, Lalit Kala grant scholarship 2014, National scholarship by HRD 2011-13. Participate in many workshop and residency. Presently living and working in New Delhi.

Chhering Negi work comprises of the many windows to many different people. It ac- knowledges the unique personality of each person depicted here, but also, talks of the common thread of humanity. With each peek, is revealed a face, which, is defined, further by the elements around. Cacti and Flowers depict the duality and struggle in living, leading to an idea of balance. Each human being has her own circumstances and his/her own struggles, but whilst combating all issues, he/she arrives at own solution and makes own eco-system. Each composition here captured the essence of the being represented. It becomes a template of story telling. A reminder that in the ordinary there are nuances of the extraordinary efforts made to sustain in this wide big world. The constant desire to attain balance and the uniqueness of each struggle of each individual, no matter where she/he is placed, are the governing theme to this work. It is the spirit to survive and give meaning to life, which behold and give expression too. It becomes an attempt to reveal what has been hidden, which forms a person’s views, personality and being. It is to understand and then celebrate the uniqueness of each narrative that has been composed here. What it also shows is the many diverse moods which reflect in the face of each human. This is an acknowledgment of the spirit of being human and surviving, with all the odds against and all the joys that life has to offer. 

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Chhering Negi - (b 1987)
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