About Us

To create largest original art trading platform for the world of art lover at affordable price

Artshoppy (BIZARRE MART PRIVATE LIMITED) is an online platform created to connect buyers and sellers of fine and contemporary art globally. We passionately believe there is a better way to discover as well as buy and sell original. Here, world-class entrepreneurs, and art enthusiasts are dedicated to making the art buying and selling experience enjoyable, easy, and affordable for the buyer and the seller. Artshoppy’s (BIZARRE MART PRIVATE LIMITED) collection comes with a huge diversity which enables us to match any style, interest, and budget.

Buying an original work of art should be exciting, fun, and incredibly easy. To create the largest original art trading platform for art connoisseurs at an affordable price, creating a state-of-the-art marketplace for all art sellers ranging from upcoming artists to galleries and institutions to sell their unique and innovative creations, the art we present to you is carefully curated and selected from artists and galleries.

Affordable and always of the highest quality backed with proper authenticity, we hope to make your art buying experience simple and easy.