All artworks displayed on Artshoppy are credible and 100% authentic and are unique or some portion of a constrained version or limited edition. Perused more on Authenticity. Before admitting an artwork to our online shop, the artwork is put through a number of rigorous tests to ensure that it is authentic and high quality.
No, we don't charge any commission from the buyer.
This section allows you to make an exclusive price offers on your favorite artworks.
Yes, you can collect certain items directly from our office or from the original location only they are shipped from there.
Yes, your shipping cost is automatically consolidated across different collections and categories.
The art works and other related items are particularly transported from our Kolkata workplaces. In certain cases, the objects may be shipped directly from their original location.
Delivery charges are recorded in the shopping pack and in the request affirmation. As of now, there is no delivery charge for neighbor hood shipments. But depending on size and weight, there will be delivery charges for other domestic and international shipping.
Generally all artworks are shipped within 48 hours of payment Monday through Friday. It usually takes 1 day to 2 weeks for a package to reach its destination, depending on distance and location. Sometimes, it might be longer process, but in most cases, you will have your new art within 10 to 14 days.
Considering variety in preferences with regard framing an artwork, we usually ship them unframed. However, if you want them to be framed, simply drop an email at We would be delighted to discuss framing options with you.
It depends on time and cost. Mostly, we deliver them via air. However, heavier items, for example, big sculptures are for the most part transported by ground. Occasionally, overwhelming shipments are sent via ocean universally.
Yes, they are all protected & insured for shipment.
Don’t worry. You new artwork will reach your destination safely. We make sure that all paintings and artworks are property packaged using strong durable materials so that any kind of damages can be avoided.
Yes, you can put an artwork on hold. To do that, send us an email at
For worldwide shipments, import obligations and related expenses or charges should be paid straightforwardly to the messenger organization or endless supply products.
Yes we can. We take return unless it is delivered to us before the said time and date as laid out in our return policy, without any damage. Being responsible people, we will process returns on goods that have been damaged as a result of shipping or handling.
Check our Sell your Art guide if you want to be a vendor or a seller to artshoppy.
If an object remains unsold in certain collection, and if you are interested to purchase it, you can shoot an email on or call us. If it is still available for sale, we will let you know.
Yes, you can view the objects highlighted in the collections on Artshoppy in the location mentioned in the product details. Please, see detail page for the particular object.
Kindly see our Payment Options guide or contact us
Yes, you can access condition reports for large portions of the articles highlighted for re-deal on Artshoppy. Kindly email us on in the event that you might want to ask for a condition report.
Shoot an email at or dial at our 24x7 Help Line for more offer assistance.
Yes, you can alter or change your request and orders only within 12 hours of putting in the request, before dispatch. Connect with us at for information regarding this.
Once your order has been cancelled, we will process the refund within 7 working days.
You can reach our Customer Service by sending us an email to or dial at our 24x7 Help Line at +91 9903971710.
We take your privacy very seriously and we adhere to the basic principles to protect your privacy. In any case, we will not rent, sell, or otherwise distribute your personal information to anyone else except for being sought by enforcement agency for legal purpose. Personal information refers to your name, your email address, your phone number, your payment information, or any other personal details.
Artshoppy is powered by a secure payment system like paypal & other options. All information input by you is encrypted via secure server software (SSL) before it sent to them. However, we do not store credit card information on our servers. The credit card transaction will be directly authorized by your bank, without any information passing through us.
Yes, for your information, you need to fill up the contact us form to be registered in order to ask a seller a question about a special work of art.
No, you need not register twice for this. The same User ID and Password will work for both.
Yes, after being registered with us or filling up the contact form, you can post your query to an artist or the gallery. You can contact with us on
We have a special virtual view option in our product details page. You can view the item from there. Shoot us an email on for any special assistance.
Yes, we receive check for an item at Artshoppy.
All our products are insured by so we will arrange an alternate artwork or we will refund you back the money.
If you have any questions regarding purchase, Please Call us on +91 8240573050 or Whats app to +91 8240573050 or email us to