The art’s highlighted on Artshoppy come from reputable sources including artists, art galleries, and collectors. Artshoppy does not manufacture any articles.
To be a seller on Artshoppy, you need to register under any of the seller category from the list while signing up.
Signing up with is free, but as a seller, you will be entitled to pay the expenses including the shipping costs and handling charges, payment transaction charges, GST & service charges & Promotional charges to
Any kind of unauthenticated work or damaged item will not be acceptable at Before the items displayed online, admin will strictly run an inspection to check the authenticity of the work. If the item is found damaged or unauthenticated, admin reserves the right to remove them even if they are somehow listed before.
Yes, admin will create attributes and help seller to sell prints of original artworks with proper authentications.
Yes you can, but it depends on admin’s approval on the basis of authentication.
Yes you can only if you keep updating real-time basis otherwise you will be penalized by or your registration may be canceled.
Yes, kindly mention your county and other details.
Yes, Artshoppy will help you to add your products.
Yes, you can enlist product as normal seller.
Yes, we have expert team who curate the marketplace and review the artwork submitted by the experts before approving the same.
At Artshoppy, we have team of experts who will review the artwork and take the final call regarding the approval of a specific artwork submitted by the artists.
Once the artists register with Artshoppy as a seller with proper verification, they will get accepted to Artshoppy.
No, you don’t have to bear any extra cost to submit work for review.
All you need to is register as a seller with Artshoppy. After approval of your seller account, you can submit artwork for review.
Generally, it’s quick and fast. Immediately after receiving the artworks for review, we contact the seller for further queries.
If you have any questions regarding selling with us, Please Call us on +91 8240573050 or Whats app to +91 8240573050 or email us to