Commemoration Of Blood Swept Land

By Sewon Rai (b 1991)
Dimensions 54 52 1 inch
137.16 132.08 2.54 cm
Medium Mix Media, Canvas
Year 2017
ART No ART1630300757
Edition Original Artwork
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Deeply modern with an underlying social message, Rai's work can best be described as the city's snapshots from the past.

About Sewon Rai (b 1991)

Sewon Rai received his MFA degree from Rabindra Bharati University in 2017. He got  Lalitkala National Research Scholarship  2017-18.
Sewon's thoughts and ideas of work  emerge from the violent socio political scenario of the present times.  Many of his works are based on the dystopian vision of the world, like wars and scenes of annihilation. The ideas of his "poppy flower" series is rooted in his experiences and his local Read More