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Sanjay  Kumar Raj

Sanjay Kumar Raj

Every human being is connected with the arts in one or another way and has her/his individual
perspective about it. S/he uses various mediums of art to express her/his thoughts and feelings.
sanjay kumar ‘raj’ have been really close to the nature since my childhood, and have observed all its elements
through my perception and experiences. The nature is so creative in itself. It changes its forms and
shades momentarily. Its softness and warmth can be felt in the villages and towns. The limitless
constructions, modernizations, climate change, global warming and pollution, and its effects on
our environment and eco-system in today’s times, and very inspired by Covid-19 times, have been
his major concerns which sanjay kumar ‘raj’ try to express through my paintings.
His creations are actually the reflections of our present conditions. The environment and
surroundings around me become the theme of my art. It changes with the time and space. His
paintings focus on a journey of finding something that appears all of sudden from nowhere. It is a
series in itself that is very close to our contemporary social and nature-based circumstances. sanjay kumar ‘raj’ only
try to portray them through colors.

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