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Kanak Chanpa Chakma

Kanak Chanpa Chakma (b 1963)

Kanak Chanpa Chakma was born in Rangamati Hill Tracts, Bangladesh in 1963 and in 1986 obtained her MFA from the Institute of Fine Art, University of Dhaka and between 1993-1994 was on a fellowship at Penn State University, PA,USA. Belonging to one of the ethnic communities of Bangladesh, in her paintings the subject matter is her community and most of them are women. She is also deeply influenced by the philosophy of Buddhism. The solitary female figures of her sem-abstract paintings, submerged in the profound space of textures and dark and light shade stand mutely with blank glances. A timeless silence could be felt in her work. She has held significant solo exhibitions in Bangladesh, JApan, America and Australia. She has participated in over 150 group shows in Bangladesh, Belgiumk, India, France, Australia, England, Nepal, Sweden amongst other countries.

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By The River
By The River
Kanak Chanpa Chakma - (b 1963)
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