Catching whispers

By Asavari Gurav (b 1997)
Dimensions 12 17 inch
30.48 43.18 cm
Medium Gouache, Paper
Year 2020
ART No ART1640724466
Edition Original Artwork
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the portrayal of the ethereality of femininity using expressionist strokes using a monochrome tint.

About Asavari Gurav (b 1997)

Asavari Gurav completed her MFA in printmaking from MSU Baroda in 2021. She is interested in exploring and animating the temporality and spatiality of the imaginary realm of the art-making process. She has no definite category when it comes to her inspirations. She freely draws from her immediate surroundings, memories, significant events, literature, Goan Jazz, folktales, theatre, and most profusely from her own poetry and imaginations. 

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